Teaching H5P to present automatically

Have you stumpled upon a nice piece of software called H5P yet? It allows you to embed a large variety of interactive content into websites running Drupal, WordPress or moodle. You should definitely have a look at all the fine examples.

One of the content types of H5P is called Course Presentation. It allows you to combine slides with videos, multiple choice quizzes, and some other shenanigans. This is the standard example:

Hier klicken, um den Inhalt von h5p.org anzuzeigen

Last Wednesday, someone asked if it was possible to go to the next slide automatically after a certain amount of time. It is not. So no scenarios such as Pecha Kucha with H5P? Luckily, the software is open source and I had some spare time to kill this weekend :-)

With my contribution you can activate an auto presentation mode that will show each individual slide as long as you want to – or you simply set a global time period like 20 seconds for Pecha Kucha. You can also decide whether you want the presentation to loop indefinitely or not.

Where is it then? Well, it’s not totally finished. You can already get it from github and use it, but the presentation editor still lacks the option to set a time period for a slide conveniently. Until now, you will have to edit the H5P file manually if you need individual settings. But, when that is done, you may be able to create something like this… Isn’t that nice?

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