Frisører i Tromsø

How time flies … Nearly two weeks have passed already since the first ever H5P conference was held in Tromsø, Norway — and still have not documented anything besides posting some photos on Twitter. There are still about 30 GB of video footage that I have to go over and to edit. Phew! Luckily, I am on vacation right now and this means I can dedicate some more time to that kind of stuff. So, next to finishing work on H5P Essay and maybe some other contributions to the H5P repositories, you can expect some sort of documentary video about the conference. It will also feature the discovery that I made the very first day: There are many hairdressers in Tromsø …

But putting in in a nutshell for now: It was really great to meet about 60 people from all around the globe who love to work with H5P. Maybe we’ll meet in Melbourne, Australia next year?

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