Blockchain … disruptive … bingo!

It’s time for a new content type — or at least a demo version of it. It’s nothing super duper fancy. But it’s a little different than existing content types, because it doesn’t feature any kind of automated checking or feedback. So … huh … yeah … what is it good for? Absolutely nothing …

Nah, maybe it is good for something. If you know that you’re going to a boring conference (meeting, lecture, webinar, movie, … ), why not set up a nice game of buzzword bingo with H5P and share the link with other participants?!

A more “serious” approach could be to use it for ice breakers. Just prepare a bingo sheet that goes like this: “Find someone who …” and then list a bunch of attributes such as “listens to podcasts regularly”, “wears green socks” or “had to travel more than 10 kilometers today” – and let people get a bingo …

Normal bingo works, too, of course. You can define a set of numbers or phrases or words, the size of the bingo board (3 to 7 columns and rows), put an optional image or video on top, and you can even set a joker in the center. Well, and that’s basically it. Oh, sure, the most important thing for so many people: Yes, I’ll probably also add some options for visual styling such as changing the colors 😉

Of course, this might become more entertaining when the multiplayer API for H5P is ready one day, but maybe this is already useful for some of you 🙂

Feedback and suggestions are welcome as always! In what kind of scenarios could you use this content type? What should be improved?

Feel free to download this content to play with the demo or to have a look at the source code on github. If it’s worth a coffee, check out my Patreon page.

12 Replies to “Blockchain … disruptive … bingo!”

  1. Ich hatte Bingo manuell (also ohne Softwareunterstützung) mit Fachbegriffen aus meiner Einführungsvorlesung in die Bildungstechnologie genommen. Jeder bekam einen Zettel und füllte ihn entsprechend immer dann aus, wenn ich während der Vorlesung einen der Fachbegriffe erwähnte. Zum Gewinnen gab es mein neuestes Buch. – Da könnte Dein H5P-Bingo vielleicht sehr hilfreich sein.

    Das war zwar witzig und hat den Leuten Spass gemacht. Mein didaktische Idee dahinter, dass sie aufmerksamer meiner Vorlesung zuhören. Das hat aber nicht funktioniert. Im Gegenteil: Sie waren so ins Spiel vertieft, dass sie nur mehr auf meine Catch-Wörter geachtet haben und anderen Inhalt an sich vorbei laufen lassen haben.

  2. I’m actually really interested in this! I’m looking for some way to have a digital bingo card where learners can check off tasks they have done and report back. I know H5P seems to have issues with saving data to come back to, but could there be a way for a user to save their bingo card progress and come back to it later? Either in an LMS or outside of it?

    1. Hi!

      Most H5P content types (including Bingo) actually allow to continue where you left off, but you’ll have to a) activate the “save content state” option in the respective plugin settings and b) people need to be logged into the platform. H5P will store the state in regular intervals (you can set the length) and on certain actions, and then the content type will use that stored state information to re-create the state.


  3. I just wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your skill set and dedication that is shaping the digital world we live in today. You’ve transformed complex ideas into functional software that make our lives more interactive, efficient, and more CONNECTED.

    Your tireless efforts often go unnoticed, but I am grateful for your commitment to the magnificent H5P and improving the world of online learning. The level of creativity and innovation in the work you do is truly inspiring!

    So,from the bottom of this instructional designer’s heart….

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