Jo, Adrian! I did it! Again!

Do you know what my H5P content types Dictation, BingoKewAr CodeAR Scavenger, and Structure Strip have in common? I created them for different women, just because they asked me to and/or because they could put them to good use 😀 If by the title of this post you guess that “I did it again”, then you’re correct!

The new content type is called Information Wall and was just a tiny spare time project that I am allowed to release here as well. With that content type, you can define a list of properties and then create a bunch of panels where you may set values for these properties and an image if you want to. And you may allow to filter the panels based on words that the panels might contain. Sounds abstract? Well, here’s an example that I came up with myself.

As usual, if you want to use the content type and if are allowed to install H5P libraries, you can simply download this demo content via the Reuse button. Then you upload it to your H5P integration, and then you can use it as if you had installed it from the H5P Hub. If you’re not allowed to install H5P libraries, however, you’ll get a message hinting to missing libraries. Please ask your admin to install Information Wall in that case.

I may change my mind, but I may only publish it here and not ask for Information Wall to be put onto the H5P Hub. It was created with a specific set of requirements and does exactly what it is supposed to do – well, not exactly, I already taught it some extra tricks 🙂 Still, it may not be useful for a large audience, people would ask to add this or that (for free, of course), and I really don’t want to maintain yet another content type just because I happened to be the first one to code on it. Feel invited to use it as is without any charge, feel free to use the source code or H5P’s CSS override feature to make it suit your needs, but I hope you will understand that the time I can donate is limited and that I will most likely not develop this content type further. Here I can tell you all this, on the H5P Hub I can’t.


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