You would jig if you saw that puzzle!

Open source software is something nice. Many people are just happy that they don’t have to pay anything for that kind of software and do not give it a second thought. Others however don’t take that kind of generosity for granted and want to give something back to the open source project that they benefit from. One of those “others” is the company KidsLoop in South Korea. Their niche and contributions to the community are centered around customizing current and creating new content types for young learners. They also have built a pretty powerful platform that allows you to use H5P content in ways that you may not have seen before – you should check it out.

Something else that they did is let me create a new content type for them as a contractor. And they agreed to release it to the H5P community in order to show their gratitude for the great project. It’s not the full version of the content type with all its features, sorry, but if you’re looking for a way to create a jigsaw puzzle …

Jigsaw Puzzle

There are a couple of things that you can set in the editor. Let’s make this a little harder maybe: remove the faint background image, remove the outlines, and use more puzzle pieces. And maybe you don’t want to offer some sorting space at the righthand side but use the full width for dropping puzzle pieces? and what about sound?

How to get it?

You are most likely used to find content types to install on the H5P Hub only. And Jigsaw Puzzle will surely be found there soon. The H5P core team will need to find some time for a review first, however, and then they’ll release in on the H5P Hub and tell the world about it in their newsletter.

If you want to use the content type right away, just download ond of the demo contents above via the Reuse button underneath the content, and then upload the .h5p file onto your H5P platform in the H5P Hub. That will install the required libraries if you have permission to install H5P libraries – if not, your system admin will need to help you with that.

You are missing features?

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, creating Jigsaw Puzzle was contract work. I’ll gladly maintain translations that will certainly trickle in soon via the great by Sebastian Rettig, and I am pretty sure that I’ll add some things here and there once in a while when I want to. Please understand however, that I cannot give support or implement your feature requests for free all the time. The code is openly sourced and freely available for you to download, so other people can improve it, too! Well, and I am for hire, of course …

More is yet to come!

Jigsaw Puzzle is planned to be just the first content type contributed by KidsLoop, and I’m sure there will be more in the future, so stay tuned! Oh, and if you want to help push H5P forward or if you know someone who might want to: KidsLoop is looking for more H5P developers (backend and frontend)!

6 Replies to “You would jig if you saw that puzzle!”

  1. Wow, very nice content type. Young children will love this puzzle. I appreciate your work and the contribution of Kidsloop.

  2. Congratulations on the work. The component is really very good.
    I’m very interested in doing the translation to Portuguese-Brazil but I noticed that this language is not available in
    You can create this language option? I would be very happy to do the translation.

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