Two content types by NDLA (not by myself!): H5P Order Priority and H5P Discussion

The Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) has been working on some custom H5P content types. They are not mine. I merely demoed them lately on my H5P live stream.

I don’t know if there’s a place for you to get the latest version – they are currently not available via the H5P Hub – but here are the current (glitchy) versions that you can download via H5P’s reuse button at the bottom of the content and upload to your site in order to install the content type. I will most likely NOT update them here, please be aware of that and refrain from asking me for providing you with the latest versions.

H5P Order Priority

H5P Discussion

2 Replies to “Two content types by NDLA (not by myself!): H5P Order Priority and H5P Discussion”

  1. Thanks for sharing these Oliver- I had tried to use an earlier version of the ordering content type (they example with the British monarchy in it), but when I imported them I only got them as column- but both of these work and give the functionality in my H5P Kitchen area.

    There’s a lot to be said about this kind of activity, especially that they are open ended for adding options, providing reasons for one’s choices, and also being able to save work as a document.

    Nice work NDLA!

    1. Hey, Alan!

      Glad you like them! I hope I mentioned all the good features when I demoed them (see recordings of the live stream).


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