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Sometimes H5P quizzes are great, sometimes you need something else. Here’s a little bit of both, coming to you sponsored by the Phraseolab project team.

The main idea of the “Phrase Randomizer” is to enable a teacher to define a list of slots, assign a number of words to each slot, and then present a user with the slots and with one randomly chosen word. That’s hard to explain. Maybe have a look at this:

Better now, isn’t it?

You can go through all of words of a slot one by one or let the content type choose a new random selection. What is this good for? For creating a cause for speaking in a foreign language for example. Could be something like “Get a random selection and ask you neighbor the question. He/she needs to answer you. Then switch roles.”

But maybe you want a quiz that works with different slots, different options, and some are correct while others are not, and the user needs to find all of the right ones. Personally, I think the layout is a little weird here, yes, but that’s what was requested and paid for 🙂 Can probably be changed later on.

Or you want to have your own digital version of “story cubes“, although you don’t have cubes here visually – thanks to Jan-Frode of NDLA for the use case!

Yes, a bullshit generator is also an option 🙂 And have you noticed some other options such as sound, lives, different background colors or headers for each slot? Maybe you have some other ideas, too. Just try it out!

Want to use it already?

I will ask the H5P core team to review the content type. Afterwards, they should release it on the H5P Hub, but this process usually takes some time.

If you want to use the content type right away, look for the Reuse button underneath the content. Use that button to download the demo content, and then upload the .h5p file onto your H5P enabled platform. Please note that you will need to have permission to install H5P libraries. Otherwise, you cannot install the content type this way. In that case, your system admin will need to assist you.

The source code is available as well, if you want to check it before installing or if you want to build the libraries yourself:

Is it available in my language?

In theory: yes! If it’s missing, you can fill in the gaps yourself on

Any future plans for that content type?

Not really. I was merely a contractor – like an architect that created a building but doesn’t keep working on it once the building is done.  I’ll take care of all the change requests that the H5P core team may have to bring the content type onto the H5P Hub. Additionally, I suppose that I will find time to help you on the H5P forum if you have questions. That’s what I usually do anyway. But if you claim free support or demand features as if it was your right, you’ll most likely get a “no” from me. I may add things, even consider your ideas, but at my own pace – or expect you to toss me some coin. I hope you understand that. Not all do, as I know from bad experience.

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  1. Thanks a ton for the storycube variant with unicode support, Otacke. I will be using this to create some activities in my native language (Kannada) for school kids.

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