Three times T in a row: H5P.Tabs

  1. For H5P there is Transcript. There is Timekeeper. And not there is Tabs.

The Hochschule Hannover sponsored the new Tabs content type. It doesn’t do much, but I hope the right things. Like Accordion, Tabs enables you to let users explore content one after the other. Unlike Accordion, you cannot only use text. You can fill tabs with any content combination that Column allows. To be fair, Accordion could do that, too, but the H5P core team still needs to review the pull request.

And that’s everything that Tabs does. Close to. There’s a little more than meets the eye. Tabs supports the xAPI, so in other words: results will end up in gradebooks. You can define how much of the available horizontal space the tabs will take up. If less then 100%, you get the typical tab look. And you can decide whether the content type will display the tabs on top or left of the content. Or if you want to leave that to H5P and the screen size. If you want to, set a background color that matches your page, hide the action bar, and then Tabs blends into your page. Well, here it is white anyway 🙂 And after a small update after release, as of version 1.0.1 you can replace the “H5P blue” default color and set the color of the tabs. That color will also be used for buttons in subcontents, etc. where you’d normally have the default “H5P blue”.

Want to use it already?

I will ask the H5P core team to review the content type. Afterwards, they should release it on the H5P Hub, but this process usually takes some time. If you want to use the content type right away, look for the Reuse button underneath the content. Use that button to download the demo content, and then upload the .h5p file onto your H5P platform in the H5P Hub. Please note that you will need to have permission to install H5P libraries. Otherwise, you cannot install the content type this way. In that case, your system admin will need to assist you.
The source code is available as well:

Any future plans for that content type?

You may wonder what I intend to add to this content type. I don’t know. Could be something, could be nothing at all. I am open for ideas either way. But please keep something in mind: I coded this content type, but it’s not mine. I coded it at a discount rate as I usually do if the result bears an open source license. I’ll take care of all the change requests that the H5P core team may have to bring the content type onto the H5P Hub. Additionally, I suppose that I will find time to help you on the H5P forum if you have questions. That’s what I usually do anyway. But if you claim free support as if it was your right, you’ll most likely get a “no” from me. The same applies if you expect me to add features pro bono to solve your specific problems. I may add things, but at my own time – or expect you to toss me a coin. I hope you understand that. Not all do, as I know from bad experience.

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  1. Can you make a Tyrannosaurus content type ? 😉 Seriously thanks for the 3 Ts especially Tabs. I’m dusting off my H5P chops for a workshop in 2 weeks and eager to show how one uses un official content types.

    Thanks for sharing your work, Oliver

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