New content type: Image Choice Rounds

One of the nice things of H5P content types is that they can be re-used as subcontent in other content types. Often, that only means to display a series of different contents as in Column or Question Set, but you can also build functionality around one single content type.

For instance, there’s Image Choice. Now let’s say, you want to be able to have a pool of images that images are drawn from randomly. Or you want to be able to play multiple rounds (with different images). Or maybe you have a custom scoring scheme. And maybe even some more things. That’s what the University of Münster in Germany needed and hired me to do.

One could add all this to the Image Choice content type. Possible, but you will have to discuss what feature might go in, what not, etc. You’d not be as free as you wanted. You could create a fork of Image Choice and customize it. Possible, but you would not automatically benefit from new features or bugfixes that may be added to Image Choice anymore. You could also build a wrapper content type around Image Choice, that uses the original Image Choice, but customizes it kind of from the outside.

Et voilà: Here’s Image Choice Rounds.


Image Choice Rounds allows to set up normal Image Choice content and

  • use the images a pool for
    • a certain number of rounds that you want to play,
    • a certain number of cards per rounds,
    • a certain number of correct cards per round,
  • decide whether an image from the pool can only appear in one round or in multiple rounds,
  • decide whether the result of a round could even be a negative score,
  • decide if you want the total score to be the sum of round scores, 1 single point or even some custom score based on the original percentage that was reached.

Want to use it already?

I will ask the H5P core team to review the content type and to release it on the H5P Hub, but this process usually takes some time. If you want to use the content type right away, just download the demo content above via the Reuse button underneath the content, and then upload the .h5p file onto your H5P platform in the H5P Hub. That will install the required libraries if you have permission to install H5P libraries – if not, your system admin will need to help you with that. The source code is available as well for the view and for the editor and some small extra widget.

Any future plans for that content type?

If you wonder what I might add to that content type next: Nothing. Please note that while I coded this content type, it’s not mine.  I coded it at a discount rate as I usually do if the result will be openly sourced, I’ll take care of all the review things for free that may be required to bring it onto the H5P Hub so you can use it directly. Additionally, I will probably help you on the H5P forum if you have questions – also as I usually do – but if you expect free support in general or feature development pro bono to solve your specific problems, you’ll most likely get a “no” from me. Hope you understand that. Not all do, as I know from bad experience.

2 Replies to “New content type: Image Choice Rounds”

  1. Hello Otackes
    Very nice content type! I was wondering if it is possible to add teams to this content type? Lets say two teams and then a summary at the end of the rounds?

    1. Yes, depending on what you have in mind. With the multi-player API being exclusive to, teams would only be a to play in turns on the same device, not simultaneously on different devices.

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