Card Block (by Yasin Dahi)

It feels so good to get more and more questions about coding for H5P, because it means that we will hopefully see way more content types. Here’s one upcoming content type for you: Card Block. It was created by Yasin Dahi. I helped a little, but it’s his baby.

I am not allowing downloads here, because I don’t know what Yahin is going to change before it is released (there are a few quirks still), and I wouldn’t want your content that you may have created already to break. But, if you know what you’re doing, here’s the source code of the two libraries that you will need:

No, I don’t know when this will be officially released on the H5P Hub. The H5P core team is pretty busy finishing the H5P OER Hub and will not deal with contributions before it’s done. But luckily, they have a plan to make this content type release queue way easier … Stay tuned!

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