Please use gifts mindfully!

COVID-19 keeps the world of education on its toes. Suddenly many teachers want to or are supposed to teach online in some way, and they rush to services like LearningApps, ZUMpad or The corresponding sites can’t cope with all the traffic and sometimes simply break down.

Dear teachers, I’m sure it’s great for you being able to use the above-mentioned or similar services for free. Please don’t do it thoughtlessly though! Developing and hosting those services costs money! Non-profit organizations like LearningApps and the Zentrale für Unterrichtsmedien or the company Joubel pay for you. Please think about that. They gladly do that within a reasonable scope ( explicitly for trying out the software before you host it on your own server), but at some point they won’t be able to do that anymore! And then you will have shot yourself in the foot with your thoughtlessness and/or excess, because the services will have to be shut down. I sincerely hope that you care.

Please use those gifts mindfully!

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