A new chapter!

A new chapter in my live is unfolding: I’ll be a full-time IT freelancer as of next week, and some people seem to wonder what this means for my activities circling around H5P:

  • “Will you stop releasing things for free?” No.
  • “Will you stop working on things for H5P now?” Quite the opposite!

It may be a little risky to bet on one horse only, but as the great philosopher Harvey Specter once said: “You’re never going to win big if you’re only going to minimize your losses.” 😉 I am going to focus on H5P completely.

Sure, I will have to pay my rent and there will be things that will not be released to the public. On the other hand, there are sponsors who don’t mind letting others use what I create for them. Often, it’s even better for them to let changes be integrated into the official source code of H5P components, because they won’t run into future trouble with forking, patching, etc. I am going to talk about that topic a little bit at the H5P Conference 2020 in Wisconsin. Oh, and I also won’t stop contributing to H5P on my own, of course. I have been creating new content types and features during the last couple of months when I was already part-time freelancing, and I don’t see a reason why I should change that now.

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