Do you like the H5P Image Slider as much as I do? It’s simple, yet beautiful. And I think I made it a little nicer even.

Do you see what I did there? You can now make it loop instead of stopping at the first or last image. You can let it progress automatically after a given amount of time (5 seconds here). And you can hide the navigation arrows and the navigation bar while still being able to navigate.

Find the pull request on github! No, I disabled the download for a reason.

4 Replies to “Sliiiiide”

  1. Hay Oliver,
    Great! I love it! nice and simple but effective. I could use something like this at the beginning of a course to visually introduce and emphasise the topic of study.


  2. Hey Ben!

    Thanks! Most (if not all) of the work on the Image Slider has been done by Svein-Tore, I merely added a few bits and pieces. I hope that he’ll find some time to review my changes and add them to the official code.


  3. Say Oliver, do you have some kind of container / width limit / margins on your website so that h5ps remain a normal size and do not take up the entire screen? Sorry if it’s a silly question from a non-developer…

    1. Hi Maude!

      The WordPress theme has a limited width, so H5P can’t stretch beyond that boundaries. Wherever you embed H5P into, you can restrict the width.


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