Ho-ho-ho! Now I have an advent calendar!

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An H5P advent calendar. I wanted to do something like this for quite some time. Then I was asked on Twitter if I happened to know something like this for H5P. Then I watched the US election the day before yesterday (which as of writing these lines is still not over) and decided: Why not do something alongside?

Well, here’s my preliminary result. It’s not yet accessible, it may still have bugs, it’s not responsive, it may not run on every browser and the code is still messy due to simply hacking everything in there …

That’s a little ugly right? And it doesn’t contain any nice goodies, just numbers. Not good enough you say? Then let’s make this a little nicer. Let’s add a background image to the calendar, remove the door knobs, put something inside and randomize the order of the doors – but then keep that order if you have the save content state feature of H5P activated.

Nice! But let’s do some more shenanigans. Let’s add a custom door image to every door. Let’s remove the vertical door frame. Oh, and I know, some music that can autoplay – as long as the browser policy allows it. Yes. And snow. Let’s add snow! And H5P content that can appear like texts, images, audios, videos or links to other sites. That’d be something …

To install, download one of the contents and upload them at your place at your own risk (still beta) 😉 Oh, and if you get some “missing libraries” message: You lack sufficient rights to install H5P libraries. Please ask your admin to do that.

Find the source code on github if you would like to take a look at it.