A short post: H5P OER Hub for WordPress

Let’s keep a post short for once 🙂

H5P features the H5P OER Hub. You can watch a demo from last year to learn more if you don’t know it. It’s a great addition I think. Currently, the H5P OER Hub is only accessible via the H5P integrations for

  • Drupal 7
  • moodle (not in moodle’s custom integration, moodle HQ decided to not use the H5P Hub)
  • H5P.com

What’s missing? WordPress! Long story short: I sat down in the first week of October and created the necessary code. Here’s the pull-request. I hope that the H5P core team is going to find some time to review it soon. They will need to release the plugin update. That is not something that I can do.

Now my wish is: Once that baby is released, if you use H5P on WordPress, please put an open license onto all your great H5P content and share in on the H5P OER Hub! Hint: If someone else has created nice, openly licensed H5P content but not shared it on the H5P OER Hub: You could do the sharing part!

p. s.: Yes, a port to Drupal 8/9 is missing, too. But I wonder if Yasin Dahi might port that one? 😉