Blockchain … disruptive … bingo!

It’s time for a new content type — or at least a demo version of it. It’s nothing super duper fancy. But it’s a little different than existing content types, because it doesn’t feature any kind of automated checking or feedback. So … huh … yeah … what is it good for? Absolutely nothing …

Nah, maybe it is good for something. If you know that you’re going to a boring conference (meeting, lecture, webinar, movie, … ), why not set up a nice game of buzzword bingo with H5P and share the link with other participants?!

A more “serious” approach could be to use it for ice breakers. Just prepare a bingo sheet that goes like this: “Find someone who …” and then list a bunch of attributes such as “listens to podcasts regularly”, “wears green socks” or “had to travel more than 10 kilometers today” – and let people get a bingo …

Normal bingo works, too, of course. You can define a set of numbers or phrases or words, the size of the bingo board (3 to 7 columns and rows), put an optional image or video on top, and you can even set a joker in the center. Well, and that’s basically it. Oh, sure, the most important thing for so many people: Yes, I’ll probably also add some options for visual styling such as changing the colors 😉

Of course, this might become more entertaining when the multiplayer API for H5P is ready one day, but maybe this is already useful for some of you 🙂

Feedback and suggestions are welcome as always! In what kind of scenarios could you use this content type? What should be improved?

Feel free to download this content to play with the demo or to have a look at the source code on github. If it’s worth a coffee, check out my Patreon page.

A new playground: H5P Essay

Note: You can download the content type here, but remember that it is still in development and might not work perfectly.

What you’re looking at here is rather an experimental playground than a fully elaborated content type for H5P. Learners can write a text and receive feedback immediately. Initially (and maybe finally), this feedback will simply be based on a list of keywords that have been defined by a teaching person before. That’s a very naive approach, but it might be useful in some cases or could support teachers with grading.

The content type could possibly evolve into a solution for automated essay scoring using machine learning techniques — with all the pros and cons attached to that. However, that’s merely wishful thinking right now anyway.

You are hereby invited to have a look at the ideas for this content type — and to share your own, of course!

If you want to know more (and also want to see the editor), have a look at this video although it’s outdated already.

Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.

Putting labels on things …

While there’s a new version of Agamotto in the pipeline anyway, mcroyle requested a new feature: Why not add labels to the tick marks? Sounded straightforward to me, and I guess it’s done already. I even made it a little more flexible — you can also use labels instead of tick marks if you like.

Do you have any thoughts on this? If yes, then there’s plenty of space for you in the comment section.