I solemny swear that I am up to no good!

The software H5P is very flexible. You can customize the design, and you can also extend its functionality using some interfaces. One that’s particularly interesting IMHO is the xAPI interface. For example, it can be used to track progress of learners – I have gone into a little more detail on collecting data before. Now, if your platform that is hosting H5P can detect that a learner just did this or that, it can react immediately. For example, one of the simplest use cases is updating a progress bar for a course.

Some learning content providers have already customized their platform and now can track progress based on the results of H5P’s xAPI statements (e.g. oncampus and openVHB). However, sometimes you require some manual confirmation. Maybe you want a student to confirm that he or she has read a text. Maybe you need a simple trigger that indicates completion of something else. You could build yourself a workaround with Fill in the Blanks, for example, but you could also use my latest tiny content type: Confirmation Completion.

It’s not a huge content type: Add some descriptive text about what’s to be confirmed if you want to, add a label for the checkbox, add it to the wherever some confirmation is required, e.g. below a text that need to be read, done. It will now send out an “answered” xAPI statement and a “completed” xAPI statement whenever the state of the checkbox changes. Hmm, you don’t see that unfortunately … Well …

The source code for H5P.CompletionConfirmation is out there on github already. I may add some tiny new features or change the visual design a little, but the content type should be pretty much done. And didn’t I say H5P was flexible. If you want to change the visual style (CSS) yourself, you can.

If you don’t want to change the code or style sheets yourself, or if you need something else that’s H5P related: Just get in touch!