H5P User Score

One of the shortcomings of the H5P plugins currently is, that they do not allow to display user scores in posts or pages. Users will have to log in to the backend. Log in? Yes, some other shortcoming is that scores are only saved when students are signed in to the host system. But …

You knew there was going to be a ‘but’, didn’t you?

But the university of Freiburg in Germany took the initiative and let me develop a WordPress plugin that closes this gap.

H5P User Score

The plugin was named H5P User Score and adds several shortcodes that you can put into posts and pages, and those will be replaced by the user’s previous score (absolute and a percentage) and the maximum score of an H5P content type.

Too cryptic?

Let’s say you have an H5P multiple choice quiz with ID 17 available for your site’s users. Assume the current user scored 5 points while the maximum possible score is 10 points.

On any page or post (not limited to those where the H5P interaction is available), you could e.g. write:

In the multiple choice quiz, you scored [h5pScore value=”score” id=”17″] points out of [h5pScore value=”max” id=”17″]. That’s [h5pScore value=”percentage” id=”17″] percent!

On the page or post, this would render as

In the multiple choice quiz, you scored 5 points out of 10. That’s 50 percent!

In contrast to common scoring, users won’t have to be signed in to WordPress. Their scores will be kept in the browser’s local storage, so as long as users don’t use a different device, they’ll be able to see their previous scores.

How to get it?

Unfortunaly, you will not find this plugin in the official WordPress plugin repository. The university of Freiburg cannot guarantee support and neither can I for yet another piece of software that I created as a contractor. Since there’s no support, the WordPress team won’t list the plugin. But … Here’s a ‘but’ again … But the  source code is openly licensed and published, and you can download the plugin from github and install it yourself by uploading.

Pick the Symbols!

One of the great things about H5P is the possibility to improve it. If you require a content type for a certain task, you can code it. If you can’t code, you can still take the initiative, look for funding and then hire someone. That’s exactly what the “Schule Bubendorf” (school Bubendorf) did! Even better: The new H5P content type named “Pick the Symbols” is openly available. Here it is!

As a teacher, all you have to do is to enter a text and to decide which punctuation marks the students should pick from to complete the sentences – or symbols in general as this option has been left open intentionally. The rest is done by the content type. It will present you and your student with an exercise like the one above.

There are some things you can tweak. For example, you can change the background color of the blanks. Furthermore, you can increase the difficulty if there are consecutive blanks (e.g. in direct speech) and you don’t put in all the blanks up front. The students will have to add the missing ones on their own. And if you like, you can also make sure that all blanks are reset after checking.

It’s intended to publish the content type in the official H5P Content Type Hub, but the H5P core team will have to find some time to review the code first. If you want to use Pick the Symbols now, you (or your admin) can download the the sample content above, upload it to your platform, and then you’re good to go.

Of course, the source code is available as well: https://github.com/otacke/h5p-pick-the-symbols.

It’s your turn!

You want to support some H5P development? But you cannot code, and you also don’t want to start your own fundraising campaign? Then toss a coin to Schule Bubendort. They collect donations in order to be able to mandate someone (not necessarily me!) to create more content types.

Idea #1: “Highlight the Words”

Teachers can define word categories and color associated with the categories, assign them to words of a text, and the students will have to mark the words with the colors similar to Pick the Symbols.

Idea #2: “Spreadsheet”
Teachers can define a table with numbers, text and blanks – and the students will have to fill in the blanks inside the table correctly.

So, please feel free to transfer some exchange money using the subject H5P-Entwicklung to

  • Recipient: Schule Bubendorf
  • IBAN: CH35 0076 9020 2108 8389 6

If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact Ueli Nick directly. He’s the headmaster of Schule Bubendorf (schulleitung@schulebubendorf.ch).

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